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$19 per PACK OR
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Premiere Pro (CS4-CC, Win-only)
After Effects (CS4-CC, Win-only)
Premiere Elements (11/ltr Win-only)
CyberLink PowerDirector (12/ltr)
Sony Vegas (v9-v13)
Magix Movie Edit Pro (2013/later)
Magix Video Pro X (X4/later)
VEGAS Pro (14/later)
VEGAS Movie Studio (14/later)

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CreativEase is a video effects plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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CreativEase FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why buy CreativEase plugins when I already have lots of video effects?
Pixelan was founded 17 years ago on an artistic mission -- providing soft, organic, aesthetic video effects pluginsas an alternative to the usual "engineered" built-in video effects and visual cliches (i.e., hard-edged effects, violent explosions, tired 3D moves, uniform/inflexible looks, etc.) Combining that vision with cool technologies we have pioneered, such as our resolution-independent spice files, our luminance-based tools, modular section presets, etc. creates the formula for some uniquely powerful effects in CreativEase that are easy to use and highly customizable. We are driven by a passion for visual design. Our plugins are designed to fill visual/creative needs that built-in effects and other third-party plugin packages do not fill well or at all. To see for yourself, see the next question below…

How can I best see what each CreativEase plugin does?
To quickly overview each effects plugin's creative possibilities, we recommend: STEP 1. Look over our Features page per plugin. All are accessible from the CreativEase Overview page. STEP 2. Play the example movie of each plugin's effects. It is on the left side of each plugin's Features page. Or view all of the movies here.

What if I want to see/know even more about these video effects plugins?
See the list of key features in virtually all CreativEase effects plugins. Next, download and install our DEMO and try it on YOUR clips in your compatible video editing program. Browse through the pre-made effects. And of course play/experiment with the controls!

Which video editing software is CreativEase available for?

CreativEase is available now for Adobe, Sony, CyberLink, and Magix video editing software. The Adobe Premiere version works in WINDOWS Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or later (including CS6 and CC Creative Cloud) and Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 or later. The Vegas version works in Sony Vegas Pro/Vegas Movie Studio 9 or later and Magix VEGAS Pro/VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum/Suite 14 or later. The After Effects version is compatible with the WINDOWS Adobe After Effects CS4 or later. The CyberLink version is compatible with CyberLink PowerDirector 12 or later. The Magix versionis compatible with Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 (or later) and Video Edit Pro X4 (or later). CreativEase 3 is optimized for the latest video-editing app versions and available for Adobe Premiere Elements 13.0 or later (64-bit), Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe After Effects CS6 or later, VEGAS Pro/VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum/Suite 13 or later (64-bit), CyberLink PowerDirector 14 or later (64-bit), Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 or later or Magix Video Pro X7 or later (64-bit), Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later (64-bit) and requires Window 7 or later. Sorry, we have no MAC versions currently, but may soon. Click here to be email-notified when a new version ships.

Does CreativEase have special hardware requirements?

CreativEase 3 is a hardware-accelerated plugin which uses your computer's video/graphics chip to accelerate its rendering. Therefore, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is required. A DirectX 10 compatible card with at least 1GB video memory is recommended for HD and high bit-depth editing. Even if you know you have a compatible card, we highly recommend you take a moment to download and try the CreativEase 3 DEMO before buying.

CreativEase v1.x-2.x is compatible with any WINDOWS hardware (from XP through Windows 10) that runs the above video editing software.

Does CreativEase come with tutorials?
CreativEase is very EASY to use, even though it is powerful and deep. NO steep learning curve or fat manual is required. In a few minutes, you'll be up and running easily. But there is help if you want it anyway: Click the ? button in any effect's window. You'll instantly access comprehensive built-in help and visual tutorials for that plugin. And yes, we mean visual. No dry, hard-to-decipher text files. All help is in the demo too, by the way, so you can see how good it is before you buy.

Do I have to download it on the same machine that I edit in?
No. The download (demo or purchased version) is a single clickable installer file, which you can transfer to your editing station, if necessary, using any removable media before installing.

How is the DEMO different than the purchased version?
The demo is identical, except an "X" will appear over the effects, and new saved settings cannot be created. All controls and features can be explored in the DEMO for an unlimited time. After buying CreativEase, your applied effects and settings will all be retained, and the demo's X will be removed. No extra work for you!

If I buy one or two Packs now, but later want ALL Packs (or a Bundle), how much will I have to pay?
If you upgrade within 7 days of your original purchase, it is just the difference in cost. After 7 days, the cost is slightly more, but still a good deal. For more info, see our upgrade page.

I edit in two programs (i.e., Premiere Pro AND Vegas, or Premiere Pro AND After Effects, etc.). Do I need to buy two versions of CreativEase?
Yes, if you want it in Premiere AND Vegas, or Premiere and After Effects. The good news is that you can buy a second-version of the same product at HALF-PRICE. However, there is no need to buy a second version from us if you are simply moving up later to the Pro version of your editing software from Premiere Elements to Premiere Pro, or from Sony Vegas Movie Studio to Sony Vegas Pro, or from Magix Movie Edit Pro to Magix Video Pro.

If I switch video editing systems someday (such as from Vegas to Adobe), will I need to re-purchase CreativEase at full price?
Any CreativEase user who has bought it from us (or an authorized reseller) can add at HALF-price an equivalent set of CreativEase plugins for a different video editing program. To do this, use our upgrade page.

I own other Pixelan products, such as SpiceMaster. Do I get a special price?
Yes, please see our upgrade page. We do like to give the best possible prices to our existing users.

What is your policy on minor updates?
Minor updates are always free.

What happens if someday my computer crashes and I lose the downloaded file or serial #?
Use our handy re-download form to get a FREE re-download anytime. There is no risk! :)

Can I install on more than one computer of mine?
Our license allows use in two different computers by the same user (such as a laptop "for the road" and a desktop at home) IF the two computers are not used AT THE SAME TIME. To edit on two computers simultaneously, such as for a video production business, a HALF-price second license is available from us on our upgrade form.

How can I buy CreativEase as a gift for someone else? It's easy -- use our special order form. On the date you specify, they will receive an email from us with their download info and no price shown. You can even enter a custom message that will be included in the email.

Do you have educational pricing?
We offer nice discounts on school site or lab licenses. If you have such a situation, please contact us and mention how many editing stations you may want to purchase for.

What is Pixelan's return policy?
Most plugin companies insist downloadable products may not be returned under any circumstances. After all, there is nothing tangible to 'return'. At Pixelan, your happiness and satisfaction is very important to us and we treat you as a long-term relationship, not as a one-time buyer. Therefore, if you somehow become unhappy with your purchase within 10 days, we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction. Your best protection is to be proactive -- to download the DEMO before buying to see if these plugins will meet your creative needs.

What is Pixelan's privacy policy with my order info?
Please see our privacy policy.

I feel uncomfortable purchasing on the Internet. Can I buy by phone?
Sorry, no. But please be reassured by the following: our customers have ordered online from us for many years and there has never ever been any problem of any type. We have been in business for 20+ years and are one of the longest-established visual effects plugin companies in the world. Our order pages are fully secure using all the latest web technologies. And your payment information (if paying by Paypal) is not even held by us, or (if paying by credit/debit card on our upgrade or special order forms) is held by us for only 30 days then discarded.

Technical Support Questions