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In addition to applying soft/organic custom transitions, SpiceMaster can easily animate other video effects in a single clip. SpiceMaster therefore leverages the power of ALL visual effects (built-in or third-party) available in your video editing software. Organically flow a color change from a moving subject outward to the frame edge (as shown below). Or softly wash a blur organically across the scene. Or accomplish any other animation you desire for an effect that otherwise would alter the entire image.

Example Images  More examples

SpiceMaster also can softly or organically reveal/hide virtually any key in your editing software (such as a luminance, chroma, multiply, or screen key), adding fresh dynamics that can create subtle, gorgeous, and unique key looks.

How to Animate Other Effects

1. Synch two copies of the SAME clip
in your timeline. One clip copy will therefore sit directly above the other copy.


2. To ONE clip copy (not both), apply the visual effect(s)
you want to animate. They can be built-in or third-party plug-in effects. In the example below, a simple color-change has been applied.

Original clip Clip with color filter
Original clip Clip with color change

3. Apply the SpiceMaster transition
between the clip copies (if they are in the same track). Or apply the SpiceMaster as effect to the TOP clip copy (and be sure to activate the clip's alpha channel key, if required by your editing software).

In the SpiceMaster dialog, the spice file you choose and its position will determine where the animated effect(s) will appear. Fine-tune further as desired, using SpiceMaster's Edge and Depth panes. In the example below, an softened elliptical iris spice animates the color change effect. Note the effect is positioned off-center with SpiceMaster to open over the eye.

Example Images

You can also use the technique to animate different settings of the same visual effect. In Step 2 above, apply the same effect to BOTH clip copies, but with different settings.


• Clip copies can be trimmed differently IF they remain in synch.
If you applied the SpiceMaster transition, the FIRST clip can optionally be trimmed to start and/or end earlier than the other clip, as shown below (left). If you applied the SpiceMaster effect, the TOP clip can be trimmed to start later and/or end earlier than the other clip (see below right).

Trimming: SpiceMaster transition

Trimming: SpiceMaster effect (top clip)

• If you applied the SpiceMaster as effect,
SpiceMaster's preview may not show lower clips. Instead, a simple grid background will appear.

• Prefer a fixed (non-changing) matte for an effect or key?
Simply 'freeze' the SpiceMaster effect by selecting the "hold" preset from the Progress Presets (the small Presets button to the right of the Progress control). Then drag the flat keyframe line up or down as desired to set the 'freeze' point.

Progress Presets

Hold Preset

More Examples

Organically or softly animating other visual effects is very useful creatively for a wide range of productions. Below are a few examples easily achieved in SpiceMaster.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Organically introduce an effect on your subject, flowing the effect to the frame edge. In SpiceMaster, you can easily drag to position where the effect will appear (in this example, opening over the head).

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Another example of an organic, soft color change.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Easily keyframe the effect's position over time to follow your moving subject.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Softly open and close effects timed with your action. In the above example, a blur and color change strengthen over the eye and then disappear with the blink, using SpiceMaster's bezier keyframing of Progress.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Enhance an effect animation with a glow along its edge as it opens. Or apply a shadow, texture, border or other edge enhancements.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Use SpiceMaster to dramatize the center of action by softly animating where subtle brightness changes occur.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Softly flow a screen key outward from the eye to progressively reveal more of the lower clip -- a sunset.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Timed with the subject's arm action, SpiceMaster reveals from the top corner the lower clip -- an abstract, blue streaky background variation of the top clip.


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