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SpiceMaster powerfully supplements your video editing software's built-in titling and even the most sophisticated CG/title software. With a few clicks, SpiceMaster provides entirely new classes of compelling title effects and treatments that previously were very difficult or impossible. Use any of SpiceMaster's hundreds of spice designs to softly or organically reveal/erode titles, logos/graphics and text backgrounds -- any clip with an alpha channel -- even if it is moving or has other effects applied.

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How to Reveal Titles Organically or Softly (not available in all SpiceMaster PRO versions)

1. Apply the SpiceMaster as effect to a title clip in your timeline. The title clip must have its alpha channel key activated in your timeline.

2. Go to the PIP+ pane of SpiceMaster. Choose Choose > Title/Alpha, as shown below. Note: If the title clip has a black background, instead choose Choose > Title/Alpha on Black. If the title clip has a white background, choose Choose > Title/Alpha on White. Turn Switch Clips option On if SpiceMaster is applied onto the clip's tail.

Effect submenu

3. Set up the effect. In the main area of SpiceMaster, click the Choose Spice File button to select a spice with the effect design you desire. Then adjust the effect using controls in the Edge or Depth panes.

Choose Spice File



• To invert the title area altered by the effect, turn on the Invert Alpha check box in the PIP+ pane.

Title dripped on Invert alpha on
Title 'dripped' on Invert Alpha on

• To reverse the direction of an iris-like effect,
click the Invert button next to the spice image. The spice's graycales will invert to reverse the effect's action.

Invert button

• To start (or end) the title's reveal exactly at the beginning (or end) of the clip,
in SpiceMaster's Keyframes area right-click in the graph's gray background and deselect Sync preview. Then move the blue vertical playback marker to just before the last keyframe (or just after the first keyframe) Now drag the last keyframe down, as shown below, (or first one up) while watching the preview to see when the visual end (or beginning) occurs.


• Most video editing software can set the transparency of a title -- uniformly. Some CG programs also can vary transparency linearly in one direction, such as left to right. But SpiceMaster can go much further, applying variable, organic transparency (stationary or animated) for a more sophisticated or realistic look.

To create a constant variable transparency in a title, follow the steps at the top of this page AND adjust one or both Softness sliders in SpiceMaster to a high level. Then choose the 'flat' Progress Preset (the small Presets button to the right of the Progress control) and drag the keyframe line up or down to set the transparency as desired. You also may need to drag the orange handle in the grayscale spice image to reposition the effect.

Progress Presets

Hold Preset

More Examples

Directional Dissolves. A subtle, beautiful alternative to standard uniform dissolves of titles. Even if you are a pure "cuts and dissolves" editor, SpiceMaster's ultra-soft 'directional dissolves' can be a compelling alternative to standard dissolves/fades, adding a subtle hint of movement or geometry to lead the viewer's eye in a title or graphic.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
A softly curved, left-to-right directional dissolve reveals the text, which also has a soft bevel and glow applied with SpiceMaster.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The Power title fades in very softly and organically outward as the title zooms in over the red color change also controlled by SpiceMaster. Notice how SpiceMaster allows the effect to be off-center to match the background.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The Attitude statement is softly revealed and then faded as it moves near the frame edge.

Organic reveals.
Reveal titles with a flowing, organic, natural-looking edge -- a fresh approach compared to the straight-line, hard-edged wipes of titles common in CG programs.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The spice OrganicFX\Fluids\Drippy3 V is applied with only slight softness (to preserve the effect's edge detail). The border and glow in the semitransparent title are also from SpiceMaster.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Three more examples of organic reveals of text accomplished easily with SpiceMaster.

Flowing cutouts.
Organically reveal title/logo cutouts in hundreds of creative ways with SpiceMaster.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The organic white border and logo border are both applied via SpiceMaster.

Trailing backgrounds. Use SpiceMaster to organically trail solids (or video, as shown below) behind titles.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Note how the trailing edge fits the rough organic texture of the water. SpiceMaster's Texture controls were applied to a simple PureFX spice. Fresh logo dynamics. Reveal logos using soft or organic geometries that tie into the logo shape.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The logo is revealed progressively from its center. The bevel in the logo was also applied by SpiceMaster.


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