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3D Six-Pack 3 (Magix version): Tutorials & Tips

How to Apply 3D Six-Pack 3

 3D Six-Pack's main help page

In Magix Movie Edit Pro (2015 or later) or Video Pro X (X7 or later), 64-bit versions only:

1. In the Templates tab of the Media Pool panel, click Transitions > Additional fades (Fades tab >Additional fades in older Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro versions), then drag-and-drop 3D Six-Pack 3 onto a simple crossfade between two video tracks in the same track.

2. Right-click the small A/B icon in the transition (or anywhere in the transition if it is on a separate track), then choose Settings... to open the 3D Six-Pack interface.

Important: 3D Six-Pack 3 transitions are available in normal (outgoing clip gradually disappears, revealing the incoming clip) and reversed (incoming clip gradually appears, covering the outgoing clip) direction.
Both directions will look properly only when 3D Six-Pack is applied between two clips in the same track.

Use only normal transitions if 3D Six-Pack is applied onto the end of a single clip.
Use only reversed transitions if 3D Six-Pack is applied onto the beginning of a single clip.
Shadow/Glow presets are not suitable for use with titles.

Effects Browser

This is where HUNDREDS of transition presets are located. Choose Settings... (as described above) to open a wonderful large Effects Browser window to visually choose/compare from over 250+ pre-made presets.

3D Six-Pack transitions Effects Browser

Time-saving tips to load presets faster:
The Effects Browser is fast, but sometimes you may already know which preset you want to use, such as when you are applying the same preset repeatedly in a project. In that situation, selecting a preset by one of the following methods can be faster... To see recently chosen Effects Browser presets, Hold Ctrl key and choose Settings.... For a drop-down menu of Effects Browser presets, Hold Shift key and choose Settings....

Handy tips while working within the Effects Browser:
• To scroll through presets in a folder while keeping your eye on the top preview image for comparison, hold the mouse pointer over the right panel then use arrow keys or the mouse wheel.
• To increase/decrease the thumbnail image size, use the Size button at the bottom of the Effects Browser.
• To copy a favorite preset into the My Favorites folder located atop the left column of preset folders, right-click any preset image and choose Copy to My Favorites. To copy the preset into a subfolder within that folder (such as if you want to organize presets per project or per client), right-click the preset and choose Copy to My Favorites >> [new subfolder]. You can then name the subfolder as desired. After the subfolder is created, it will also appear in the right-click menu.
• To rename a preset that is in the My Favorites folder, right-click the preset there and choose Rename this preset. To remove a My Favorites preset, right-click and choose Delete this preset.
• To hide any preset, right-click the preset and choose Hide this preset. To show all hidden presets in a folder, right-click any preset in that folder and choose Restore all hidden presets from this folder. To temporarily view the folder's hidden presets, which can be handy if you just want to momentarily browse them, choose Temporarily show hidden presets.
• To toggle between viewing the source file image and the 3D Six-Pack preset, click the top large preview image in the Effects Browser.
• Press F1 key, to access 3D Six-Pack help.

• Last but not least, you can easily set a new default transition anytime within Effects Browser. Slect the desired transition, then right-click over the preset name (at right to the large preview image) and choose "Make current transition the default"


go to 3D Six-Pack's main help page