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"Thank you so very much for your prompt response. This is the type company I enjoy doing business with. Love my transitions and effects."
Phyllis Walton, Arlington, Texas

"I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the service you have given me. It has been excellent and other companies could do well to take a leaf out of your book. Once again, many thanks."
Dave Nicholas, Rock Ferry, UK

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Mary Scott, Lancaster, CA

"You guys are fantastic. Its 10pm on a Friday night here and you have been able to give me this info within 10 minutes. I am now back up and running. Thanks for all your help -- would definitely recommend you to anyone."
Richard Huckett, Chelmsford, UK

"You have by far the best customer service I have ever encountered in the past 20 years and a good product. I have them all. Look forward to more."
Khalil Ismail, Palm Desert, CA

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Technical Support FAQs

Technical Support FAQs

Pixelan video effects pluginsNeed help? Try here first. Click below for answers to common tech support questions.
video effectsBlur-Sharpen Tools | FilmTouch | DissolveMaster | BlurMaster | SpiceMaster | CreativEase | 3D Six-Pack | Easy Packs | SpiceFX for Movie Maker

Product/Purchase FAQs

Product/Purchase/General FAQs

Pixelan video effects pluginsClick below for non-technical FAQs about each video effects plugin, buying from us, etc.
Blur-Sharpen Tools | FilmTouch | DissolveMaster | BlurMaster | SpiceMaster | CreativEase | 3D Six-Pack | Easy Packs | SpiceFX for Movie Maker

Plugin Tutorials & Documentation

Plugin Tutorials/Help/Documentation

Pixelan video effects pluginsClick below for video effects plugin tutorials, guides, and related documentation.
video effectsBlur-Sharpen Tools | FilmTouch | DissolveMaster | BlurMaster | SpiceMaster | CreativEase | 3D Six-Pack | Easy Packs | SpiceFX for Movie Maker

Pixelan Plug-In Re-Download

Re-Download a Prior Pixelan Purchase

Pixelan video effects pluginsRe-downloads of prior purchases are always FREE. No worries if your computer crashes!
video effectsClick here to re-download a prior purchase

Technical Support Request

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