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Technical Support for SpiceFX for Movie Maker

SpiceFX Technical Support FAQs

Technical Support FAQs

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Packs: Tutorials & Detailed Help

General Tips

Transitions Packs
SoftFX Pack T1 | PipFX Pack T2 | CoolFX Pack T3 | EnergyFX Pack T4 | Particles Pack T5
PageFX Pack T6 | DepthFX Pack T7

Effects Packs
Correction Effects Pack E1 | Pan/Zoom Effects Pack E2 | Framing Effects Pack E3 | Animation Effects Pack E4
Cosmetic Effects Pack E5 | Film Effects Pack E6 | Time Effects Pack E7 | WOW Effects Pack E8

Wizards: Tutorials & Detailed Help

Title Animation Wizard



TitleFX™ title animations



TitleFX text animation effects for Movie Maker
video effects



Effects Wizards



Blur-Sharpen effects



Blur-Sharpen effects for Movie Maker
video effects

SceneFixer effects for Movie Maker

FilmTouch film look effects for Movie Maker

AccentFX™ effects

OverlayFX™ effects

PanZoom™ effects

AccentFX effects for Movie Maker
video effects

OverlayFX effects for Movie Maker

PanZoom effects for Movie Maker

Transitions Wizards.



SpiceMaster™ transitions

PerfectPIP™ transitions

TranJelly™ transitions

SpiceMaster transitions for Movie Maker

PerfectPIP transitions for Movie Maker

TranJelly transitions for Movie Maker

6 Key Concepts About the Wizards

1. Wizards are a separate tool outside of Movie Maker. Just double-click the Wizards for Movie Maker icon on your desktop. Use Wizards to create CUSTOM effects, transitions, and title animations for Movie Maker -- giving you the power to create a 'just right' look for your projects. Wizard results are exported into Movie Maker, then drag-and-dropped onto clips just like Movie Maker's built-in items.

2. Your custom items will not show up in Movie Maker unless you re-start Movie Maker after exporting. Sorry for that extra step, but it is required due to limitations in Movie Maker's plugin architecture. The good news is you can keep the Wizards open throughout the process for reference and fine-tuning. Note: To export successfully, you must run Windows as an 'administrator' account . Most PCs already do this. If you instead use a more restricted 'user' account, visit the User Accounts control panel in Windows to switch to 'administrator'. After exporting from Wizards, you can then switch back to a 'user' account if you prefer.

3. Exported Wizard items are not imported into the Collections. They instead automatically end up at the TOP of the Transitions, Effects, or Title Animations lists within Movie Maker... and are applied just like built-in similar items. Thus there is no learning curve to using them.

4. Images in the Wizards preview are just an aid -- for reference -- to help you design your custom item. That's why the preview images are called "Reference Clips". Only the effect, transition, or title animation itself is exported into Movie Maker -- NOT any clip content. (One exception is PanZoom , which can optionally 'attach' high-resolution still-images to the exported effect to produce MUCH sharper output than Movie Maker can.) Likewise, the duration of a Wizard's playback is not exported. It also is just for reference. Set it to any value from .25 second to 30 seconds in the Wizard. But the ACTUAL duration will be whatever you set in the Movie Maker timeline.

5. Although the Wizard preview only shows still-images (again, just for reference), exported effects and transitions can be applied to ANY clip -- video, animation, or still-image -- in Movie Maker's timeline.

6. Each Movie Maker project saves all data for each applied Wizard item.
For example, when you later use the same Bin -- such as "SpiceMaster 01" -- for a different custom transition in a later project, any "SpiceMaster 01" transitions in earlier projects will remain unchanged -- unless you intentionally re-apply it in an earlier project. However, the TitleFX Wizard is the one and only exception, due to the way Movie Maker handles title effects. When you complete the Movie Maker project, it is a good idea therefore to save your TitleFX effects set by clicking the Save Favorites button in the black bar area of the Wizards window, then choosing Save ALL. That will ensure if you later need to re-edit the project, its TitleFX can be re-exported to match what you had previously.

General Tips

• How do I adjust the duration of SpiceFX transitions? The same way as ANY transition in Movie Maker… in the Timeline (NOT Storyboard) view of Movie Maker, drag either overlapping clip to shorten or lengthen the transition overlap. Tip: Use the Tools > Options command (Advanced panel) in Movie Maker to set the default duration of applied transitions.

• How can I apply a SpiceFX transition or effect to several clips all at once? Right-click the transition or effect you want to use, then choose Copy. In Timeline or Storyboard view, hold down the Shift key and click on several consecutive clips to select them all. Now right-click and choose Paste. This technique works for any transition or effect, not just ours.

• How do I apply a SpiceFX effect to just a portion of a clip's entire duration?
1. In the Movie Maker timeline (Timeline view, NOT Storyboard view), select the clip.
2. Drag the blue vertical time marker in Movie Maker's timeline to where you want to start or end the effect.
3. Choose the Clip > Split command to split the clip into two pieces.
4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 as desired to define the length of the effect.
5. Now drag and drop a SpiceFX effect from the Effects menu onto one of the clip pieces. That's all!

• How can I vary the power of an effect, even though Movie Maker doesn't provide controls to adjust it? By applying a SpiceFX effect to a Movie Maker clip more than once, even more is creatively possible. Each pass can be optimized to a particular aspect of the desired look. Experiment!

• How can I export more than 40 custom items per Wizard into a Movie Maker project? Apply the first 40 that are exported into Movie Maker from a Wizard. Then return to the Wizard and create and export additional custom effects/transitions. Last, apply those additional items to DIFFERENT clips in your timeline (i.e. clips that do not have any of the first 40 applied, thus NOT replacing a prior Wizard item). Movie Maker will correctly remember both the first set of 40 and later set(s), all in the same project!

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