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3500+ Effects presets and Transitions presets
Easy & Affordable!
$19/$89 for...

Premiere Pro CC (Win)
Premiere Elements (2019/ltr Win)
CyberLink PowerDirector (14/ltr)
Sony Vegas (v13)
VEGAS Pro (14/later)
VEGAS Movie Studio (14-17)

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    50+ FREE transitions included.

Easy Packs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which video editing software are Easy Packs available for?

• Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements: Compatible with Windows versions of Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud) and Premiere Elements 2019 or later.

• Vegas Pro/Vegas Movie Studio version: Compatible with Vegas Pro 13, or later (64-bit) and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum/Suite 13-17 (64-bit).

• CyberLink PowerDirector version: Compatible with PowerDirector 14 or later (64-bit, WINDOWS only).

• Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro X version: Limited Compatibility* Compatible with Movie Edit Pro 2015 or later (64-bit), Video Pro X4 or later (64-bit) and Magix Movie Studio 18 or later (64-bit). *Some specific Magix Movie Edit Pro/Movie Studio/Video Pro X versions have incomplete plugin support. If you want to use Easy Packs there, please test our DEMO first (especially the transitions) and only buy if everything works fine.


Does Easy Packs have special hardware requirements?

Easy Packs are hardware accelerated plug-ins that use your computer's video/graphics chip to speed up their rendering. Therefore, a DirectX 9 or OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card is required (almost any chip released in the last 10 years will work). A DirectX 10 or OpenGL 3.2 compatible card with at least 1GB video memory is recommended for HD and high bit-depth editing. Even if you know you have a compatible card, we highly recommend you take a moment to download and try the Easy Packs DEMO before buying.

How is the DEMO different than the purchased version?

The demo overlays an X on the plugin’s output. Upon purchasing, the X will disappear. There will be no need to re-install or re-apply effects in your project, saving you time.

Are help or tutorials available?

Yes, please see our Easy Packs help.

What happens if someday my computer crashes and I lose the downloaded file or serial number?

Use our handy re-download form to get a FREE re-download anytime.

Can I install on more than one computer of mine?

Our license allows use in two different computers by the same user (such as a laptop "for the road" and a desktop at home) IF the two computers are not used AT THE SAME TIME.

Can I later upgrade to the full/pro version of the SAME Pixelan Easy Packs plugin product I purchased?

Yes, you can buy a HALF-PRICE FULL version/license of the SAME Pixelan Easy Packs plugin product you previously purchased from us here.

What is your return policy?

Most plugin companies insist downloadable products may not be returned under any circumstances. After all, there is nothing tangible to 'return'. At Pixelan, your happiness and satisfaction is very important to us and we treat you as a long-term relationship, not as a one-time buyer. Therefore, if you somehow become unhappy with your purchase within 10 days, we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction. Your best protection is to be proactive -- to download and try the Easy Packs DEMO before buying to see if this plugin will meet your creative needs and its hardware-acceleration is compatible with your computer. The demo is easy to install and is identical to the purchased version but shows an X over its output. Upon purchasing, the X will disappear, or you can manually remove the demo anytime via your Windows control panel.

What is your privacy policy with my order info?

Please see our privacy policy.

Other questions? Please contact us and we will reply promptly.

Technical Support Questions

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