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3500+ Effects presets and Transitions presets
Easy & Affordable!
$19/$89 for...

Premiere Pro CC (Win)
Premiere Elements (2019/ltr Win)
CyberLink PowerDirector (14/ltr)
Sony Vegas (v13)
VEGAS Pro (14/later)
VEGAS Movie Studio (14-17)

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The Ultimate Tool to Create Blur Transitions of All Types
effects pluginsBlurBlender
GPU-Accelerated, Powerful Trio
of Blur-Sharpen Effects Plugins
effects pluginsFilmTouch
Hardware Accelerated, Best Value
Pro Film Look Effects Plugin
effects pluginsDissolveMaster
Ultimate Tool for Film Dissolves
Fades, & Organic Animated Effects
effects pluginsCreativEase
Versatile, Affordable Suite
of Cool Video Effects Plugins
effects pluginsSpiceMaster
Total Creative Control of Video
Transitions & Animated Effects

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    50+ FREE transitions included.

Easy Packs -- Effects and Transitions for Adobe Premiere, VEGAS Pro, Movie Studio, CyberLink PowerDirector, Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro

3500+ selected professional, highly aesthetic, ready-to-use, non-adjustable presets from our video effects plugins and video transitions plugins. They are EASY to learn and use... and very AFFORDABLE! Use them to create fresh, unique visuals for your productions.

Effects Browser

Some of our packs come with thousands of pre-made effects/transitions and it is not possible to present all as separate items in your video editing software. Pre-made effects/transitions are available through the plugin interface in a large animated Effects Browser window to easily compare/choose presets and effect variations. Please read the very useful "Getting Started" file that will appear after installation in your Start > Pixelan Easy Packs menu. In the How to Apply and Use Easy Packs section you will find detailed instructions on how to apply Easy Packs and open the Effects Browser window in your video editing software. The same instructions are available online on our support page here.

Easy FilmTouch
350+ A great way to give your videos and digital films greater emotional impact, providing a huge variety of classic and fresh film looks, plus hundreds of other compelling visual treatments to instantly enhance your video output.
Easy CreativEase
2000+ presets from Pixelan's suite of POWERFUL video effects plugins. Film effects, blur effects, color effects, cartoon effects and more.
Easy BlurBlender
450+ professional presets to create unique soft looks for your project. Blur effects of all types, including linear, spin, zoom, cross, spiral blurs, wind effects, flares, light rays, and accents.
Easy DissolveMaster
300+ dissolves and fades of all types, including optical/film dissolves, ultra-soft directional dissolves, blur dissolves, glow/flash dissolves, and beautiful new dissolve transitions providing subtle ways to lead your audience’s eye within a scene using the unobtrusive, clean aesthetic of the dissolve transition.
Easy BlurMaster
300+  blur transitions of all types, including linear, spin, zoom, cross, spiral blurs and beautiful new blur combinations never before available.
Easy SpiceMaster
120+ soft/organic transitions presets. From subtle 'directional' dissolves to cutting-edge looks.
400+ industry-leading Spices (transition geometries). With a few clicks, easily combine presets and Spices into thousands of compelling new video transitions.

Easy SpiceFX-FREE
50+ free classic transitions, such as organic transitions, beautiful iris transitions, band transitions, and sweeping reveals. This group of classic transitions is especially ideal for active videos of family, events, music or sports.

Features included in all packs:

• LARGE, animated Effects Browser. Easily compare/choose the best preset for your clips. No tiny thumbnails or name-only listings that make you guess. Instead you get LARGE previewing while interactively comparing presets. Then double-click any preset to instantly apply it.

• GPU Hardware Acceleration. Our effects and transitions look great AND they render extremely fast (near-real-time on many systems), depending on the speed of the GPU/video card on your computer.