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CleanCrop -- In the CreativEase™ Extras Plugins Pack

* This plugin is not included in recent versions of CreativEase.


Cropping removes unwanted frame edge noise in video clips, such as from tape-based camcorders. However, standard tools stretch/zoom the remaining (inside) image out to the frame edge, introducing distortion and loss of sharpness. Or they cover up noise with a simple hard-edged color border, forcing you to edit with a sometimes-inappropriate look to get clean images. Amazingly, over digital video's history, no one has solved this problem well -- until CleanCrop!

The CleanCrop video effects plugin retains the original image's clarity/sharpness by replacing noise with SIMILAR pixels as nearby source pixels, creating NATURAL-LOOKING results. Detailed/textured areas continue to the edge, as do soft/solid color areas. CleanCrop also can SOFTLY BLEND the frame edge (corrected or not) to any color or to show lower clip layers, either of which can be more appealing and useful than a hard-edged border.

CleanCrop video effect example
This 648x480 clip has extensive noise & chromatic errors along the left edge, luminance errors along the bottom edge, and a subtle graying for one pixel along the right edge. All typical problems with source video clips.

CleanCrop video effect example
Standard built-in crop effect applied from a popular video editing program, stretching the image to hide problems. Note the loss of sharpness throughout the clip.

CleanCrop video effect example
CleanCrop's magic! All edge problems are seamlessly removed, no matter if there is detail or smoothness near the edge -- AND original sharpness and positioning are retained!

CleanCrop video effect example
CleanCrop also can pre-condition your clips to greatly improve the edge results of ANY OTHER video effects that rely on blurring, sharpening, or distortion in some way.

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