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KaleidElastic -- In the CreativEase™ Extras Plugins Pack

Create unique image shifts, distortions, patterns, broken mirror, and other fractured look effects with our newest plugin addition to CreativEase effects -- KaleidElastic.

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time effects video plug-in example

Enjoy Creative Control. Easialy customize the reflections, spread, transparency and other effect qualities.

time effects video plug-in example

Animate and Flow. Quickly form amazing smooth distortions, patterns, broken mirror, and many other effects.

time effects video plug-in example

Customize With Spices. Base the reflection's offset/distortion on any one of hundreds of Pixelan top-rated 'spices'.

time effects video plug-in example

Twist & Turn Titles. Apply to titles/logos/graphics (in fact, any clip with an alpha channel) for terrific twists, spins, and flows.

Since virtually all KaleidElastic controls are bezier keyframable, you can smoothly vary individual aspects of the effect during a clip, leading to terrific evolving imagery.

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