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2950 Newmarket Place, Suite 101
Bellingham, WA 98226 USA

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Our History & Mission


Founded in 1996 by Michael Feerer, who previously wrote the first book in the desktop video revolution (Premiere with a Passion published by Peachpit Press), Pixelan Software is one of the longest-established video effects plugin software developers in the world. We started back when digital movies were thumbnail-size and only a few video editing programs existed. Digital video has evolved quite a bit from those early days, but there is still a great need for useful, powerful, affordable video effects plugins. From home users to high-end studios, Pixelan products have been used by more than 250,000 videographers, animators, and filmmakers worldwide.


Read the RedShark interview of Michael to learn more about Pixelan's long history & goals.

Our mission/purpose has three key components:
• Create Compelling, Affordable Alternatives
We aim to create highly aesthetic, easy-to-use, affordable alternatives to the standard video effects and tired visual cliches that are far too common in most video editing software. Why? So YOU have compelling alternatives to work with for YOUR creative vision.
• Service, Service, Service
As an intentionally small company (despite the huge popularity of our products), for marketing we rely primarily on good word-of-mouth by users. That takes more than having great products. It takes having GREAT SERVICE, too. See the reviews page of any of our products for numerous testimonials. We always strive to greatly exceed your service/support expectations.
• Fund Good Causes
Visual effects are fun and interesting, but frankly there are bigger issues on our planet that we want to help solve. Therefore, more than 10% of our profits are donated annually (or accumulated over time into larger donations) to non-profits involved with good causes. For example, a few years back we helped fund a new site and classroom building for CedarTree Montessori School in Bellingham, Washington.

Contacting Us


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