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Pixelan DissolveMaster dissolve transitions plugin $49 DissolveMaster™

Create CUSTOM film dissolve transitions, ultra-soft directional dissolves, blur dissolves, glow/flash dissolves and beautiful new dissolves and fades. Includes 500 cool presets.
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Pixelan SpiceMaster transitions plugin $59 SpiceMaster™

Super-softenable "spice" transitions customizable to the exact look you desire. The most affordable choice to get hundreds of soft/organic spice transitions and animation of your other video effects. Nearly 1000 terrific spice geometries to choose from!
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Pixelan BlurMaster blur transitions plugin $39 BlurMaster™

BlurMaster™ is the ultimate tool to create blur transitions of all types including linear, spin, zoom, cross, spiral blurs and beautiful new blur combinations never before available. Includes 750+ useful transitions effects presets!
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Pixelan 3D Six-Pack 3D transitions plugin $29 3D Six-Pack™

250+ beautiful 3D transitions in one affordable plugin. Better-looking, more realistic than built-in 3D transitions. Stunning page-turns/rolls, wind, gravity, bursts, & particle transitions. Also a handy plugin for TITLES, lower-thirds, etc.!
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Pixelan CreativEase video effects plugins $64 CreativEase™
New! -- CreativEase Transitions

14 effects plugins in five Packs: Color Effects, Blur Effects, Depth Effects, Grain Effects and Transitions.

 The video effects plugins include hundreds of adjustable color effects, blur effects, cartoon effects AND provide useful video effects capabilities for everyday video editing.

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Pixelan FilmTouch 2.0 film look effects plugins $29/49 FilmTouch™

FilmTouch™ is our GPU-accelerated film look effects plugin. A great way to give your videos and digital films greater emotional impact, providing a huge variety of classic and fresh film looks, plus hundreds of other compelling visual treatments to instantly enhance your video output.
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Blur-Sharpen Tools Bundle $24/39 Blur-Sharpen Tools™

Three NEW blur (and sharpen) effect plugins that give you organic control over where the blur effect occurs in any image. Unique blur blending and blur title effects. Plus smart blur & sharpen as in Photoshop, optimized for HD/4K video!

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Pixelan Ultra Bundle Save With Plugin Bundles

$199 ULTRA Bundle "The Works" OUR BEST DEAL.
$99 Transitions Bundle. $129 Effects Bundle.
$69 Blur-Sharpen Tools Bundle.
Buy more than one effects plugin product at once to save!
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Pixelan Easy Packs

Pixelan Easy Packs

Starting from $19, $89 ALL Packs

3500+ selected professional, highly aesthetic, ready-to-use, non-adjustable presets from our video effects plugins and video transitions plugins. They are EASY to learn and use... and very AFFORDABLE! Use them to create fresh, unique visuals for your productions.

Try Easy Packs DEMO and get 50+ FREE transitions.
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Pixelan Video Effects Plugin Movie of the Week

Our top-selling plugin for Adobe Premiere, VEGAS, CyberLink PowerDirector, Magix systems, and After Effects to create custom film dissolves and much more...

Video Effects Plugins News

CreativEase Transitions Available

ChromaWarp™, FlowTexture™, KaleidElastic™, OrganiBlur™ and PosterWise™ transitions. Hundreds of color, abstract, cartoon, blur, fluid, molten, swirl and many other transitions. Our newest plugins... Details...

Easy Packs

3500+ selected presets from our plugins. EASY to learn and use... and very AFFORDABLE! Details...

Celebrating our 25th year!

Mac versions
macOS versions for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects available. Click here to test our DEMO for Mac.

3D Six-Pack 3, CreativEase 3 and SpiceMaster 3 Available

FAST hardware-accelerated, updated with a new interface, optimized for the latest video-editing app versions! Our newest plugin updates... 3D Six-Pack 3 Details... CreativEase 3 Details... SpiceMaster 3 Details...

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