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GrainPlus -- In the CreativEase™ Grain Effects Plugins Pack

Standard noise plugins are all similar -- not very customizable and with only limited usefulness for video. At the other end of the spectrum are third-party film-grain effects plugins which tend to be hard-to-learn, single-purpose and relatively expensive. GrainPlus™ is an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use alternative to both. It gives you the power to:

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film look effect grain example

Add Filmic Grain. Apply subtle luminance-based grain to emulate contemporary film. Very different than just lightly applying noise, as in standard video effects.

film look effect grain example

Spice Synergize. Use Pixelan 'spices' to easily mask the grain/noise to only where you want it, such as specific words in titles.

film look effect grain example

Customize The Look. Quickly form and compare hundreds of creative variations of grain/noise -- great for video as well as titles/logos/graphics.

film look effect grain example

Mutate Bigger. Turn noise into amorphous objects wherever desired. Independently adjust strength, height, width, softness, and color.

film look effect grain example

Maintain Brightness. Apply grain/noise without changing the image's brightness (unlike usual noise effects) to keep your clip sequence consistent.

film look effect grain example

Change Randomly. Experiment with random luminance/hue changes and other abstract time-based effects. Then blend it with your source clip.

film look effect grain example

Streak & Scratch. Add film scratches, streaks, single-color noise tints, and other creative noise variations -- all easily customizable.

film look effect grain example

Age Your Footage. Scratch and decay your footage to emulate old film looks.

film look effect grain example

Buzz & Flash. Create visual buzzing, roving lights/ flashes, and dynamic weaving. Work in different color spaces to further expand the range of effects.

GrainPlus 2 Movie
To view a cool movie of this effect, click here.

Since virtually all GrainPlus controls are bezier keyframable, you can smoothly vary individual aspects of the effect during your clip. With the powerful Mixer control, you can also use a clip's luminance to define the effect areas, a very easy way to add grain to light or dark regions, for example.

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