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FlowTexture -- In the CreativEase™ Depth Effects Plugins Pack

The FlowTexture™ plugin is the next generation of our unique flowing displacement effects plugin. It is much more powerful than standard displacement effects, which tend to be not very adjustable and only create a few kinds of (mostly unattractive/unusable) wave/ripple/emboss looks. FlowTexture instead creates fully-adjustable realistic water drops AND creates an almost infinite array of other liquid-like effects -- from abstract 'etchings' to amazing organic flows.

••• To view LARGER images, click any image below •••

organic displacement map video effects example

Add Fluid Dynamics. Easily create custom water drops and other dynamic fluid effects that are more attractive than standard wave effects.

organic displacement map video effects example

Animate and Flow. Quickly form amazing smooth liquid looks and molten effects that ebb and flow over time.

organic displacement map video effects example

Aim At Your Subject. Easily position the flowing effect wherever desired within your images, such as where your subject is located.

organic displacement map video effects example

Freshen Backgrounds. Use FlowTexture to improve/freshen stock clips in your collection for use in new projects.

organic displacement map video effects example

Create Depth Interest. Subtlely deform and texture your images in unconventional but realistic ways to add visual interest.

organic displacement map video effects example

Energize Stills/Titles. Use FlowTexture to easily provide realistic flex and change to still-image clips and titles.

organic displacement map video effects example

Match Your Content. Use the unique Mixer tool to build waves or distortions shaped like your clip's content.

organic displacement map video effects example

Enjoy Creative Control. Control reflections, lighting, softness, and other visual qualities to enhance the effect's realism.

organic displacement map video effects example

Deform With Spices. Base the wave/distortion geometry on any one of hundreds of Pixelan top-rated 'spices'.

FlowTexture 2 Movie
To view a cool movie of this effect, click here.

With powerful bezier keyframing, you can smoothly vary individual aspects of the FlowTexture effect during your clip, leading to incredibly dynamic distortions.

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