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RiseShine -- In the CreativEase™ Depth Effects Plugins Pack

Although most video editing software can apply depth to titles, such as bevels, the results tend to look "engineered" rather than artistic. Also, built-in lighting controls, if they exist at all, tend to provide unconvincing highlights and no ability to creatively gloss surfaces, unless you detour the title into complex motion graphics software. That's where the convenience and power of the RiseShine™ video effects plugin pays big dividends. Instantly and easily add beautiful, realistic depth AND apply glossy/wet surface treatments as desired -- not only to titles, logos and graphics but ALSO to regular video clips!

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video title text effect example

Leave Flat Behind. Quickly add realistic, smooth depth to titles, logos, lower-thirds, or alpha-channel graphics -- forming attractive 'objects' rather than flat fonts.

video title text effect example

Synergize with Other FX. RiseShine synergized with OrganiBlur, FlowTexture, or PosterWise easily creates a wide range of unique looks for titles, logos, graphics, etc.

video title text effect example

Polish the Gloss. Apply an adjustable shiny gloss/polish to your title objects -- much more compelling than the typical dull glints in most built-in titlers.

video title text effect example

Look Uniquely Glassy. By applying RiseShine together with OrganiBlur, you can create fantastic glass/marbled fonts unlike anything else in the industry.

video title text effect example

Adjust the Reflections. Lighting is easily adjustable and bezier keyframable, Move reflections on objects as the title moves, for further realism.

video title text effect example

Add Shine/Depth to Video. RiseShine isn't just for titles! It can also usefully add shine and depth to regular video clips, targeted to the luminance of the imagery.

video title text effect example

Light the Neon. Incredibly cool and REAL neon looks can be instantly produced from virtually any regular font, and can be pulsed and flowed easily.

video title text effect example

Wet Your Subjects. RiseShine can seamlessly add a convincing wet surface look to your video subjects, even if the footage was not originally shot with a wet look. Wild!

video title text effect example

Power Your Fonts. Use RiseShine to quickly modify your existing common fonts into fresh, creative new looks that can change and evolve over time.

RiseShine Movie
To view a cool movie of this effect, click here.

Since virtually all RiseShine controls are bezier keyframable, you can smoothly vary individual aspects of the effect over time to create incredible flowing font changes and effects!

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