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3D Six-Pack price
3D Six-Pack price
demosupport3D Six-Pack price

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3D Six-Pack is a video transitions plugin for all versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions, but may soon!
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Download the DEMO plugin250+ Beautiful, Realistic New 3D Video Transitions for Premiere, Vegas, PowerDirector, and Magix Users!

SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX video transitions plugin3D Six-Pack™ transitions plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements, Sony Vegas Pro/Vegas Movie Studio, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro is an affordable, easy-to-use video transitions plugin that adds 250+ terrific 3D transitions to the above video editing systems. The plugin provides better-looking, more realistic replacements to existing 3D transitions plus new 3D transition additions long-requested by users. From beautiful page turn transitions to life-like particle effects transitions to video transitions that look like wind, gravity or other natural elements are revealing the next scene, you get a wide range of high-end 3D video transitions at am amazingly low price.


Compatibility: The Premiere plugin version is compatible with Windows versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or later (including Premiere Pro CC Creative Cloud) and Premiere Elements 10 or later. The Sony Vegas plugin version is for Sony Vegas Pro (any version; 32-bit or 64-bit) and Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 or later. The CyberLink PowerDirector plugin version is compatible with PowerDirector 12 or later. The Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro plugin is compatible with Magix Movie Edit Pro 18 or later and Video Pro X4 or later. We currently have no MAC plugins, but may soon! Click here to be email-notified.

To quickly view everything in the 3D Six-Pack transitions plugin...

-- Download the small (1.2 MB) stand-alone Player
to see all 250+ 3D transitions provided in the 3D Six-Pack transitions plugin. (Here's the zipped Player in case your browser's security software prefers that.)
-- Download the DEMO of the 3D Six-Pack transitions plugin
to try its 3D transitions on YOUR clips.

Trying the Player or Demo before buying is highly recommended to test 3D Six-Pack's compatibility with your video card! (See the first FAQ below.)

3D Six-Pack includes the following 3D video transitions:

PageFX™ 3D video transitions


Particles 3D video transitions

PageFX example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

60 beautiful page turn transitions, peels, rolls & twists for wedding/family videos, etc. Realistic reflections, depth, motion, transparency combine to form superb high-end transitions.


Particles example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

51 flowing particle transitions and luminance particle drops (an original effect in dark/light areas), fountain particle pours, and realistic swirls and trails. Must be seen to be believed!

DepthFX™ 3D video transitions


BurstFX™ 3D video transitions

DepthFX example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

41 unique 3D distortions, twists, spins, stretches, swings. Subtle acceleration & transparency give a more natural look than other 3D transitions in your video editing software.


BurstFX example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

30 energetic particle transitions that realistically burst your scene or video text to reveal the next clip. Amazingly realistic particle motion with acceleration and fading.

EnergyFX™ 3D video transitions


ExtraFX™ 3D video transitions

EnergyFX example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

30 naturalistic video transitions that use wind, gravity, or other organic progressions to reveal the next scene. Handy when you need an eye-catching transition that is 'real' and energetic.


ExtraFX example of 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin

40 additional transitions too cool to leave out -- page-turn transitions based on particle motion, more particle fountains, random line transitions, and very cool accelerated slides/squeezes!

Are you a "cuts-and-dissolves" video editor who doesn't use many video transitions? Keep in mind that 3D Six-Pack is ALSO very handy plugin to reveal/disintegrate video text and video titles, lower-thirds, etc. (See examples below.) How do you apply the plugin to those video elements? It's easy... drop the 3D-Six-Pack transitions plugin onto the head or tail of a title clip in your timeline, instead of between two overlapped video clips like a usual video transition. (In Sony Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio, overlap a title event with an empty event in a video track, then drop the 3D Six-Pack video transition onto that overlap.) COOL!

Text title effect example 1 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin Text title effect example 2 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin Text title effect example 3 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin Text title effect example 4 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin
Text title effect example 5 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin Text title effect example 6 from 3D Six-Pack video transition plugin    
Note: Are the above animations not playing in your browser? Make sure your Zone Alarm or Norton Internet Security settings allow animated-gif files to play. Still have problems? Check your browser settings. As an alternative, right-click any image above, then choose "Save Image As..." to save it your computer's hard drive. Then double-click it from your drive to play it.

3D Six-Pack FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Does 3D Six-Pack have special hardware requirements?
Yes. 3D Six-Pack is partially hardware-accelerated. Therefore, a DirectX 9 (or later) compatible graphic card is required. Even if you know you have that, we strongly recommend you check your system before buying by downloading our small 3D Six-Pack Player. (Here's the zipped Player in case your browser's security software prefers that.) It will quickly show if your system is compatible when you click the DepthFX or PageFX section in the 3D Six-Pack window. Some users have a compatible-sounding card, for example, but the card or its driver does not fully implement DirectX.

The Player only shows video transitions with still-images. Does 3D Six-Pack work on video?
Yes. 3D Six-Pack transitions can be applied to any still-image, animation, title clip, or video content in your video editing system timeline, just like built-in transitions. And it works great with any output size, such as DV, HD, HDV, etc.

How is the DEMO different than the purchased version?
The demo shows an X over the 3D video transitions. Upon purchasing, the X disappears. No need to reapply the same 3D Six-Pack video transitions in your project -- saving you time.

Are help or tutorials available?
Yes, see here.

Is 3D Six-Pack only a download?
Yes, it is a single, small 2 MB download. You can even download it on a different computer, if necessary, then transfer the installer file with a USB thumb drive other media onto your editing computer before installing.

I already have some 3D video transitions... why should I add 3D Six-Pack?
3D Six-Pack's 3D video transitions feature natural reflections, accelerated motion, depth perspective, transparency changes, and other visual subtleties that make the 3D transition appear much more compelling and realistic... and thus more useful in video productions when you want 3D looks.

Buying FAQs

What happens if someday my computer crashes and I lose the downloaded file or serial #?
Use our handy re-download form to get a FREE re-download anytime. There is no risk! :)

Can I install on more than one computer of mine?
Our license allows use in two different computers by the same user (such as a laptop "for the road" and a desktop at home) IF the two computers are not used AT THE SAME TIME. To edit on two computers simultaneously, such as for a video production business, a HALF-price second license is available from us on our special order form for new users (or our upgrade form for users who have already purchased 3D Six-Pack).

How can I buy 3D Six-Pack as a gift for someone else?
It's easy -- use our special order form. On the date you specify, they will receive an email from us with their download info and no price shown. You can even enter a custom message that will be included in the email.

Do you have educational pricing?
We offer nice discounts on school site or lab licenses. If you have such a situation, please contact us and mention how many editing stations you may want to purchase for.

What is Pixelan's return policy for 3D Six-Pack?
Most plugin companies insist downloadable products may not be returned under any circumstances. After all, there is nothing tangible to 'return'. At Pixelan, your happiness and satisfaction is very important to us and we treat you as a long-term relationship, not as a one-time buyer. Therefore, if you somehow become unhappy with your purchase within 10 days, we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction. Your best protection is to be proactive -- to download and try the 3D Six-Pack Player or DEMO before buying to see if this plugin will meet your creative needs and it is compatible with your computer. The demo is easy to install and is identical to the purchased version but shows an X over its output. Installing your purchase will automatically remove the X and uninstall the demo, or you can manually remove the demo anytime via your Windows control panel.

What is Pixelan's privacy policy with my order info?
Please see our privacy policy.

I feel uncomfortable purchasing on the Internet. Can I buy by phone?
Sorry, no. But please be reassured by the following: our customers have ordered online from us for many years and there has never ever been any problem of any type. We have been in business for 20+ years and are one of the longest-established visual effects plugin companies in the world. Our order pages are fully secure using all the latest web technologies. And your payment information (if paying by Paypal) is not even held by us, or (if paying by credit/debit card on our upgrade or special order forms) is held by us for only 30 days then discarded.

Other questions? Please contact us and we will reply promptly.