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250+ 3D Transitions
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Premiere Pro (CS4-CC, Win-only)
After Effects (CS6-CC, Win-only)
Premiere Elements (11/ltr Win-only)
CyberLink PowerDirector (12/ltr)
Sony Vegas (v11-v13)
Magix Movie Edit Pro (2013/later)
Magix Video Pro X (X4/later)
VEGAS Pro (14/later)
VEGAS Movie Studio (14/later)

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3D Six-Pack is a video transitions plugin for Windows, including Windows 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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3D Six-Pack Help and Tutorials

Technical Support FAQs

1. The serial number that you sent me for 3D Six-Pack does not work. Most commonly, check to make sure you run the installer that matches your purchase. Note that your serial number will only work for the version you purchased --other versions cannot be installed. Also, make sure there is not a blank space before or after the entered name or serial number (which can inadvertently sneak in if you copy/paste the info). Keep in mind our serial numbers are cASE-sensitive. If there is still a problem after trying again, please contact us and we will solve it for you right away.

2. Why is an X appearing over the 3D Six-Pack transition? An X means you have the DEMO version installed. The demo overlays an X on the plugin’s output. Upon purchasing, the X will automatically disappear. If you have installed the purchased version and you are still seeing an X, it could be the project file cache in Premiere or Vegas. One easy way to manually clear that cache in either program by doing a "Save As..." on your project file. Or you can render final output which should not show the X. If the problem still persists, next try applying 3D Six-Pack in a fresh project. If the X appears there, it is probably a minor Windows Registry issue which can be solved by running a freeware registry cleaner from a reputable source, such as here (download.com). After you use the cleaner, re-install 3D Six-Pack.

3. How do I install 3D Six-Pack in two different versions of Premiere Pro? First install in your latest version of Premiere Pro, which the 3D Six-Pack installer will likely recognize and find automatically. Then run the installer again, but use the Browse button that will appear (in the next installer panel after you enter your Name and Serial number info) to select the MAIN folder of your earlier Premiere Pro version, such as C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020.

4. I see a black screen (or other odd results) in my preview... how do I fix that? 3D Six-Pack is a hardware-accelerated plugin which uses your computer's video/graphics chip to accelerate its rendering. Therefore, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is required. A DirectX 10 compatible card with at least 512 MB video memory is recommended for HD and high bit-depth editing. Intel GMA 8xx and 9xx video are not supported, for example. Even if you have a compatible card, a small percentage of users may see unexpected results (such as black output) when applying 3D Six-Pack. In that case, please follow these steps:
a. Run our small Pixelan Render Controller app located in your Start > All Programs > Pixelan > Masters folder. It will quickly show you the available renderers.
b. Use the Default renderer menu at the top of the app's window to switch the render engine to a different renderer that reports O.K. (Direct3D 10 is recommended, if it shows O.K. for all its aspects). Then re-start your video editing program to see if the problem is solved.
c. If there is still a problem, please return to the Pixelan Render Controller app and click the Export text report button at its bottom. Then please contact us about the problem and paste the exported text into our contact form. If you have Premiere Pro and use an NVIDIA Quadro video card, please also mention the card model in your email.


5. 3D Six-Pack is installed in Vegas, but the Effects Browser images appear noticeably darker or a different color than my actual footage. What is wrong? If your Vegas project properties Pixel format is "32-bit floating point (full rnage)" and Compositing gamma is "1.000 (linear)" the Effects Browser images will appear dark. Use the Vegas Gamma button at the bottom of the Effects Browser to compensate for this. Also note that if Vegas project properties View transform is "On" the colors in Effects Browser images will not exactly match the Vegas preview.appear dark. Use the Vegas Gamma button at the bottom of the Effects Browser to compensate for this.

6. I installed 3D Six-Pack but it is not appearing in my video editing program... what's wrong?
Please first check that you are looking in the right place within your editing software for 3D Six-Pack. (To see where, click the Learning More link below for your 3D Six-Pack version.) If you ARE looking in the correct place but still do not see 3D Six-Pack, go to the next step below.
b. Re-start your video editing program, since new plugins are loaded then. If you still do not see 3D Six-Pack, go to the next step below.
c. Did you recently download the 3D Six-Pack installer from us instead of using an old download from a purchase made in prior months or years? To receive a fresh re-download, use our Re-Download a Purchase link above. If after running our latest installer you still do not see 3D Six-Pack (after re-starting your computer), go to the next step below.
d. Please look at the name of the installer file you downloaded. Does it mention your video editing program? If not, you inadvertently got the wrong installer from our download page. Please discard the file and go back to our download page to get and install the correct one. If you still do not see 3D Six-Pack in your video editing program after this step, please contact us and mention the steps here you have checked.

Learning More About 3D Six-Pack 3 -- Tutorials & Detailed Help

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...the Adobe Premiere Pro/Premiere Elements version

...the VEGAS Pro/VEGAS Movie Studio version

...the Adobe After Effects version

...the CyberLink PowerDirector version

...the Magix Movie Edit Pro/ Video Pro version

Learning More About previous 3D Six-Pack version

3D Six-Pack -- Tutorials & Help