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Most of the SpiceFX effects and transitions are made with our SpiceMaster, CreativEase, 3D Six-Pack and FilmTouch plugins, available forĀ Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Magix's Movie Edit Pro, Video Pro, VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Movie Studio.

SpiceMaster -- Premiere plugin: transition plugin and effects plug in

$39/$59 SpiceMasterSpiceMaster plugin for Premiere

The industry-standard for soft/organic "spice" transitions, PIPs and title effects

Super-softenable "spice" transitions customizable to the exact look you desire. The PRO version also does organic PIPs and title effects. Includes 1,000+ useful transitions effects presets!
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Used in:

SoftFX Transitions Pack T1
PipFX Transitions Pack T2
CoolFX Transitions Pack T3
Framing Effects Pack E3
SpiceMaster™ Transitions Wizard
AccentFX™ Effects Wizard
PerfectPIP™ Transitions Wizard
TranJelly͐ Transitions Wizard

CreativEase -- Premiere plugins: effects plug ins

$19/$49 CreativEaseCreativEase plugin for Premiere

Easy-to-use Packs of unique color effects, blur effects, distortion effects & more

9 plugins in 5 Packs: Color Effects, Blur Effects, Depth Effects, Grain Effects, etc. Just $19 per Pack or $49 for all. A wide range of fresh, unique effects plus useful ways to smooth skin, cleanly crop frames, etc.
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Used in:
Correction Effects Pack E1
Animation Effects Pack E4
Cosmetic Effects Pack E5
Film Effects Pack E6
WOW Effects Pack E8
SceneFixer™ Effects Wizard

3D Six Pack -- Premiere plugin -- transitions plug in

$29 3D Six-Pack3D Six-Pack plugin for Premiere

Hundreds of 3D transitions and title reveals in one easy, affordable plugin

250+ beautiful 3D transitions in one affordable plugin. Better-looking, more realistic than built-in 3D transitions. Stunning page-turns/rolls, wind, gravity, bursts, & particle transitions.
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Used in:
EnergyFX Transitions Pack T4
Particle Transitions Pack T5
PageFX Transitions Pack T6
DepthFX Transitions Pack T7

FilmTouch 2.0 -- Premiere plugin: film looks effects plug ins

$29/$49 FilmTouchSpiceMaster plugin for Premiere

The BEST VALUE film looks effects plugins with exclusive advantages over all others

FilmTouch™ 2.0 is our GPU-accelerated film look effects plugin. A $29 'basic' and $49 PRO version, each offering key advantages over competing film look plugins. A great way to give your videos and digital films more emotional impact and visual power.
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Used in:
FilmTouch™ Effects Wizard


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