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SpiceMaster Press Reviews & User Reviews

JIMCO Software Reviews
"Usability : 5/5. Interface : 5/5. Intuitiveness : 5/5. Features : 5/5. Documentation : 5/5. Price vs. Value Ratio : 5/5. Overall : 5/5. SpiceMaster is a great example of usability also directly correlating to intuitiveness.… It would be enough for a 5/5 without the Mixer and the ability to transform any Vegas plugin. SpiceMaster offers an almost endless array of choices in just about everything. You won't be able to think of a feature that's missing.… I was unable to find any product on the market today that would do what SpiceMaster will do. It is truly one of a kind in Vegas plugins and it does what it advertises with incredibly impressive results."

Digital Media Net (Douglas Spotted Eagle)
"New Pixelan plugin Interface *is* the Spice of Life!! Pixelan SpiceMaster 2 is indeed a 'hot' spice for any video editor. Pixelan, long known for their SpiceMaster products, have recently released version 2 of their SpiceMaster interface, and it's absolutely worth the wait. … SpiceMaster 2 does not require any compositing chops, adjustments, or knowledge. It does all the work for you. … The tool is completely loaded with hundreds of presets for each attribute, giving users a springboard to tweak and fine tune settings to their personal tastes. Or not. The presets are brilliant, and numerous, and many users will find them enough to create the exact look desired, or find the Spices generate even more creative genius and understanding of possibilities with video production."

SoftMag (Thomas Thorp)
"The new version is much better than even the earlier version, which we ranked 6 [out of 6 -- the highest score at SoftMag]. You get better control over the effects you want to make, and now with more possibilities. … There are a lot of premade templates. All effects you see in real time, so you know how the effect will act before you using it. The thing I like very much in the new version is the way you can use alpha channels… This is a plugin we guaranty that you will love. A very good choice for multimedia companies, and private persons as well. With more than 500 effects you have a lot to chose from. …very easy to use, and now supports the alpha channel. Need to make effects in a hurry, then SpiceMaster 2 will make you very happy."

Videography (Tim Tully)
"A recent project I was working on required turning a series of still images into an interesting video montage… It was important that whatever moves or transitions I used looked "natural."… [SpiceMaster] integrates smoothly with the Vegas interface… At first glance, the controls look simple, but they're designed in a way that gives you what seems like unlimited flexibility and control… SpiceMaster adds a heap of functionality to Vegas (and there are versions for most other NLEs too.) Its fractal effects are wonderfully malleable and the interface is good overall. I know I'll be using it quite a bit in the future."

Creative Cow Net (David Hague)
"… without question, the plugin I use most of all for my own work is SpiceMaster and the accompanying Spices from Pixelan. … It would be true to say that SpiceMaster is one of those programs that if you gave ten copies to ten different people they would all end up with different results because SpiceMaster truly lets your imagination take control and not lock you into any set rules. It is my opinion, that anyone using an NLE for either hobby or professional work will be very glad they discovered SpiceMaster."

Creative Cow Net (Dennis Kutchera)
"Since installing SpiceMaster, it has become my number one plugin because the effects can be soft and seamless, lending a subtle enhancement where previously only a dissolve may have seemed appropriate. Clients love it. SpiceMaster is always fresh. No "Best if used before 1993" effects here! SpiceMaster is a must have... at a price that will pay for itself in less than half an edit session."

Digital Media World
"If you don't have Pixelan's SpiceMaster - or at the very least use their Spices - you are missing out on a very cool, infinitely customisable and inexpensive set of tools for special effects in video editing and compositing. …"

Video Systems "Killer Demo Reels" by B. Braverman, June 2001
"If you're preparing a killer demo reel you know that smooth transitions between clips can add substantially to your overall presentation. Luckily, Pixelan offers a viable solution to the daunting problem of cheesy transitions. … SpiceMaster… [provides] a huge range of tasteful transitions with super-soft edges.… Pixelan's SpiceMaster is a great tool to produce the killer demo reel. I consider it a must-have addition to every shooter-turned-producer's toolbox.

TV Technology
"Pixelan Software's new NLE plugin, SpiceMaster, is a stunning program that allows you to create beautiful and unique 2D transitions and flowing dynamic mattes. In addition to its incredible creative potential, the program is also exceptionally easy to use, bug-free, and inexpensive. …if you never thought you'd find an NLE plugin that was powerful, eminently useable, dependable and bargain priced, think again. SpiceMaster is all of this and more. I can't imagine being without it, and I believe you'll find the program to be just as tasty as I do."

Digital Media World
"…The program gives infinite manipulation over the way you can create transitions, with controls for direction, speed, softness, edge, glow, shadow and strength. If you ever use transitions or include matted effects in your productions, SpiceMaster is a must-have application... "

"Hats off to all of you at Pixelan. The SpiceMaster product is excellent for creating subtle and gentle organic transitions in my NLE. The amount of customizing that you can do is incredible. Contacting Pixelan for anything has always resulted in quality and fast service. Anyone that asks "How do you do that soft transitions?" I always say Pixelan's SpiceMaster!"
Francois Blawat, Madison, Wisconsin

"I now have the ULTRA Bundle for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. Played with them both and I love them. I just want you to know how wonderful I think your products are. Very intuitive, very flexible... Your products have given me creative solutions many times where nothing else would do what I wanted."
Michael Theriot, Baton Rouge, LA

"SpiceMaster is the single best investment I have made for Vegas. It has really elevated the quality of my work and makes it stand apart from typical wedding videos."
Tony Harris, SilverPlanet Media, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Your SpiceMaster is the greatest plugin for Premiere Pro. I edit alot of video and my clients are throughly impressed. Using your product over the last year has caught the eye of several companies here in Tallahassee. Your product has increased my revenue about 18% -- in dollars that is about $15,000."
Jefferson Walker, jquad media, Tallahassee, Florida

"When you say it is intuitive, you aren't kidding!!!!!"
Jan Janowski, Skokie, IL

"I absolutely love every darn thing about SpiceMaster… You guys are doing a great job. The SpiceMaster interface is dead on. There are so many different options, it has just revolutionized my editing."
Craig Lillard, Matthews, NC

"I just wanted to say that your product (SpiceMaster 2.5 PRO) works great with Sony Vegas. Thanks for a great product....and make more."
Michael Rivers, Music Sound & Recording Productions, Pittsburgh, PA

"Your software is absolutely astonishing, and I can't understand why I wasn't aware of it before now. The looks I can get with your software are breathtaking."
Steve Blalock, Albemarle, NC

"You have a very beautiful product in the SpiceMaster. It is user friendly and very intuitive. I think the marriage of Vegas and SpiceMaster is a good one. Good job!"
Daniel Pruett, Evans, GA

"I'll start this email off with an explanation that I rarely write letters of this sort, however I am so delighted with my SpiceMaster purchase that I feel compelled to drop you a note. I recently purchased the newest version of your SpiceMaster software for Sony Vegas and I am amazed with the amount and variety of effects and transitions that are available. As I see it I may never run out of new and unique transitions and video effects throughout  my lifetime. SpiceMaster really is an outstanding  application and for someone who has worked as an on-line editor in broadcast television for over thirty years, I'm just a little hard to impress. I've used SpiceMaster to create some incredible video effects recently and I have barely scratched the surface of it's capabilities. The quality of the final video output was better than my best expectations. Congratulations on a great product."
Stanley Allen, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have just bought the program -- it's superb!! May I say, your effiency in quick responses to queries, and processing of orders, is second to none!! It is my pleasure to be dealing with you and your company. And your products are simply fantastic. What a joy it is, to communicate with such a terrific company such as Pixelan."
George Maciuszak, Bribie Island, Australia

"You are the best costumer service I've ever had regarding software in three decades."
Carlos Ferraro, Ferraro Films, Caracas, Venezuela

"SpiceMaster is a no-brainer for fast and easy awesome effects. I can't think of an editing session where I wouldn't use SpiceMaster. It's a tool every editor should have in their bag of tricks."
Mark Susman, FASTCUT Video & Post, Houston, Texas

"SpiceMaster has completely changed my view and use of spices. I feel it has opened a whole new world of creative possibilities with an ease and flexibility I have never seen in any other FX package."
Greg Smith, The Perfect Image, Cleveland, Ohio and host of the DV500-DC1000 and DC30-DC50 lists

"Effects that are difficult, if not impossible, to create with the host editing product alone can be achieved with ease using SpiceMaster. It's a powerful tool for every editor's workbench."
Charlie Hills, author of "Getting Results with MediaStudio Pro" and host of the MediaStudio Pro Users Group (www.mugcentral.com)

"I'm from the old cuts and dissolves school. I usually teach my students to make a short video using every transition that Premiere offers. Once they are done, I tell them now that you've got that out of your system, stick primarily with the dissolve and straight cut! However, I've found so many uses for SpiceMaster beyond transitions, that I'm going to have to change my approach!! I love to use this program for inserts and for subtle dissolves. You've given the old dissolve new life! SpiceMaster is extremely easy to use."
Jim Caldwell, Specialty Media, Palm Harbor, Florida

"SpiceMaster is absolutely the quickest and easiest way to apply and adjust custom 2D transitions and dynamic mattes. Very intuitive to use. The Spice Library allows you to visualize all your effects, organized in a manner that's easy to work with. The ability to keyframe the effects allows unlimited adjustability ... I have to say that I love it! I found it very intuitive to use. I still use Boris for more complicated 3Dish effects, but SM for for the other 90% of "worked" transitions I create."
John Chluski, Swift Current Productions, Boca Raton, Florida

"Wow! Simplicity, clarity, performance with outstanding results. SpiceMaster is a top notch program, featuring an exceptional guide. It's simple, visual and accurate for creating outstanding effects --- from bold to stealth."
Wally Benson, WallyWorks Studio, Escondido, California

"With the ability to see all the spices in the SpiceMaster library and the ability to change them in the preview box, I have fallen in love with the ease and fun of creating my own spice's. And fast ... you can do a lot in a very short time. I have a lot of presets [now] that I will use for years to come."
Gary Butler, Speed Razor editor, Redwood City, CA

"A creative tool no editor should be without. As a producer of ecological documentaries, I truly appreciate SpiceMaster's creative flexibility especially when applying fluid, smooth and organic transitions. I love the way I am able to manipulate and apply creative effects that 'fit' the mood and picture compositions. Extraordinary 2D transitions have never been so easy and fun to generate... SpiceMaster is a great plug-in to have. It is highly cost effective in the sense that you would expect this plug-in to cost much more. Bottom line is -- not only have I enjoyed working with it, but my clients loved the impact and results."
Richard Dolny, Creatvision Video Productions, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Spices have always made for beautiful transitions. I use them frequently in my work, often in ways that are invisible to others. My clients only know that they are looking at an exquisite dissolve. They don't know what kind of tweaking it took to get there. Now, with SpiceMaster, the tweaking has become effortless, and the amount of control one has over the spices is a bit shocking. The ability to add borders to the transitions and textures to the borders makes for a whole new range of transition effects. Being able to position the spices makes for even more. The addition of drop shadows, borders and glows allows for layered transitions that used to take render upon render to make. The Library previewing makes choosing the spice simple, and the plug-in preview makes tweaking a delight. It's the kind of plug-in that you find yourself playing with even though you know you should be working. I can't imagine now using spices without it."
Chris Harlan, Streams of Light, Santa Clarita, CA

"It is amazing the almost limitless variations possible with just one spice. Dare you imagine the variations on hundreds of spices?"
Barry Silverstein, BJ TAP Video, Lake Worth, Florida

"If there is one plug in that you really should have, it's SpiceMaster. It's quick and easy to use and the results are quite stunning. I use it on every production I make, for transitions, picture within picture, or as a method of combining different images on one screen. After making a recent TV commercial with SpiceMaster, I was asked by people in the industry 'How did you put that together?'"
Michael Barker, OzAsia Advertising, Darwin, Australia

"I can truly give it my highest recommendation. Very nice professional effects and results without being gaudy. Key frameable and totally controllable from their interface with preview windows that give you a quick feedback on your changes. It's a program that functions as advertised and does exactly what it's supposed to do with a minimum of strain, pain and user input."
Andy Stevens, Ulti-Media Productions, Anacortes, WA

"I am very impressed with the smoothness of the transitions; no jagged edges or jitters. All I can say is that they look great. The results were extremely fluid in their movements. Created exquisite transitions; showed it to a colleague yesterday and he loves it."
Dale A. Tripp, editor, Las Vegas, Nevada

"A great product -- we will use it a lot ... It works great and is well worth the investment ... we did a commercial and the client (ad agency guy) said, I want this but since you don't have an avid get as close as you can… well, we gave him the transitions in SpiceMaster -- it blew him away. He said, I guess you don't need avids... I thought to myself du-huh...."
Jeff Milligan, Martin-Tanner Digital Studios, Burlington, NC

"SpiceMaster is one of the best plug-ins available for NLE work. It's the ONLY plug-in I've ever used that's easy to learn, powerful, does all it's supposed to, fast to render and rock-solid stable."

"I've done business with a lot of companies, on-line and otherwise. Never have I had such good service. Thank you so much for all of your assistance. If I didn't know before, I do now, that this is an excellent company with a quality product and service. Thank you."
Emily Comstock, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your company for continuing to be a quality organization. As always, the new software is truly impressive."
Daryl Cox, Little Rock, AR

"I wanted to let you know how awesome this software is. I have read on several forums about the CreativEase packages and had to see what people were raving about. You guys certainly deserve the praise, for the software and the customer support."
Sandy Keane, Spring, Texas

"Your software is absolutely astonishing, and I can't understand why I wasn't aware of it before now. The looks I can get with your software are breathtaking."
Steve Blalock, Albemarle, NC

"I sincerely wish it was as easy to do business and get great support from other vendors as it is with you!! Sincere thanks for your most excellent and timely support. I am now fully productive again. Oh, by the way, I purchased the 3D Six-Pack as well for Vegas. Looks like another winner from Pixelan. Wishing Pixelan continued success."
Rob Young, Pooraka, Australia

"Although I have only been a customer for Pixelan products for a very short time, I am overly impressed! Their service is second to none. They outshine pretty much every other company with a friendly staff and amazing response time! I highly recommend doing business with this company!"
Robert Burton, Los Angeles, CA


"I see customer service is number one to you. Thanks a lot, really thanks."
Keith Benning, Ann Arbor, MI

"A quick note to thank you for you 1st class service. You plugins are fantastic and take away a lot of pain when editing many clips as I do day in day out, so when I lost my laptop HD last week I really felt the effects of losing these fantastic tools! But within less than 24 hours, in fact less than 12! You had me back up and running again! Certainly got my eye on some more plugins and I'll be heading back here very soon. Thanks again, the service is absolutely Top Notch!"
Mike Taylor, Taylor Broadcasting Services Ltd., Salisbury, U.K.

"Wow! You are FAST... AND as good as I have come to expect from you folks. Thanks, again, for both the great service AND the great product!"
Mary Scott, Lancaster, CA

"You guys are fantastic. Its 10pm on a Friday night here and you have been able to give me this info within 10 minutes. I am now back up and running. Thanks for all your help - would definitely recommend you to anyone."
Richard Huckett, Chelmsford, UK

"You guys rock like you might not believe... thanks for your help. Please tell all your people over there you are all appreciated."
Mark Wilson, Las Vegas, NV

"I don't know if you have a mechanism for testimonials, but I just wanted to say how great your customer service has been. I have been using Pixelan for over four years, and will continue to purchase updates as you improve your already comprehensive product line. Customer service is often a lost art ... I'm glad that it was not lost at Pixelan."
Dave Kish, Lopatcong, NJ

"Thanks for the painless buying experience. I just bought the Pixelan Ultra Bundle and it was a breath of fresh air after screwing around with Adobe's Rubik's Cube system to buy consumer level software. No fuss no muss and everything works great and for a great price. Good job."
Erik Swanson, White Lake, MI

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the quick response. I have formatted and reinstalled Windows on my computer and thought it was going to be difficult to get back my software after my computer was infected by a virus. It does pay to have my software legally... Thanks guys you are soon to see my name again for more future products. Once again thanks! You guys are great!!!"
Jose Jimenez, Dorchester, MA

"I have been a customer and user of a variety of the Pixelan products for over 8 years. They outshine other companies with a wonderfully friendly staff and excellent response time! I highly encourage doing business with this company!"
Deborah Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Thank you so very much for your prompt response. This is the type company I enjoy doing business with. Love my transitions and effects."
Phyllis Walton, Arlington, Texas

"I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the service you have given me. It has been excellent and other companies could do well to take a leaf out of your book. Once again, many thanks."
Dave Nicholas, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, UK

"Thank you so much; that is the most easy thing to get a product I have ever done. The effects are amazing. Wow. Again, thank you so much. I love the personal touch of real people in your place of business. The product is all that I hoped for, and then some."
Karen Hopkins, Fairless Hills, PA

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the outstanding technical service I received yesterday evening. It was 9pm on Sunday night when I had a problem. I emailed your technical support group and was very surprised to get the problem solved within just a few minutes using a few emails. You guys were very professional in helping me get up and running again.  Thanks again for all your support. It's was a real pleasure to work with you."
Jerry Rye, Fresno, CA

"You have by far the best customer service I have ever encountered in the past 20 years and a good product. I have them all. Look forward to more."
Khalil Ismail, Palm Desert, CA

"Your company exceeds my expectations. Thank you!"
Guy MacKenzie, Jamesville, NY

"Everything work out perfectly. Your assistance and service is not only appreciated, but prompt and efficient. Thank you and your team once again for extraordinary customer service!"
Tanya Edwards, Bronx, New York

"Thank you for the excellent service and excellent product. It will give me many hours of fun and entertainment."
James Worrell, Lawton, OK

"Believe me, I always recommend your products to all of my friends who make movies and montages."
Phyllis Walton, Arlington, TX

"A great product and you have great service! Geeez, I'm talkin' to a human being on the Internet. Imagine that!"
Guy Mackenzie, Jamesville, NY

"Your products are great, I love them all, easy to use. I would highly recommend all of these, thanks a lot."
Sharon Mordino, Cheektowaga, NY

"Absolutely brilliant! I already rave about the product enough as it is, but now I'll make sure I tell everyone just how professional you guys are when it comes to problems like this one. Thanks once again for expert service."
James Downie, Paisley, United Kingdom

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed your software and the enhancements it has added.. I'm probably not what you would call a 'power-user'. I am a lady in my mid 70's who just makes these little projects for family and friends. Your software makes it easy for me to make it look good. Aside from thinking you have an excellent product, I have been very impressed with the way your people have handled any problems I've run into. You've always treated me with great courtesy and any issue I've had were quickly solved. Thanks for an excellent product. I think you're a wonderful company and I wish you well."
Audrey Service, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I have great respect for Pixelan.com. Thank you. You are not only helpful, you are extremely responsive! Please post this to your customer praise area."
Deb Hill, Haleyville, AL

"I wanted to thank you for developing such amazing software plugins at an affordable price, unlike so many other companies. Keep up the good work!"
Joe Zazulak, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Doing business with Pixelan Software is one of the easiest things I have EVER done. Even after years since the last communication, all details are retained and the re-downloads are straight forward. I wish I was as organised as Pixelan is!!! Thank you so much for your exemplary support! You may be justly proud of your organisation."
Rob Young, Pooraka, South Australia

"I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your company for continuing to be a quality organization. As always, the new software is truly impressive."
Daryl Cox, Little Rock, AR

"If you are looking for a company to provide you with fantastic transitions and video effects plug ins, look no further, Pixelan is your answer. The customer service at Pixelan is SUPERIOR!!! I have contacted them with questions several times and the have always been extremely helpful and patient. Also with Pixelan after you purchase a product they are always there to answer questions after the transaction. Thank you Michael and your staff for the appreciation that you have for your customers."
Mark Garrell, Columbus, North Carolina

"I wanted to let you know how awesome this software is. I have read on several forums about the packages and had to see what people were raving about. You guys certainly deserve the praise, for the software and the customer support."
Sandy Keane, Spring, Texas

"Your software is absolutely astonishing, and I can't understand why I wasn't aware of it before now. The looks I can get with your software are breathtaking."
Steve Blalock, Albemarle, NC

"You are the best costumer service I've ever had regarding software in three decades."
Carlos Ferraro, Ferraro Films, Caracas, Venezuela

Online forum comments:

"Fun to play with and the possibilities are endless. This can create some stuff to rival After Effects or Boris Red, and it's a whole lot easier to learn!

"Well, I have purchased and after only ten minutes of playing am absolutely blown away by the results!"

"I have been a customer and user of a variety of the Pixelan products for over 8 years. They outshine other companies with a wonderfully friendly staff and excellent response time! I highly encourage doing business with this company!"
Deborah Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan