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CreativEase video effects price
CreativEase video effects price

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CreativEase is a video effects plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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StepMotion 2 -- In the CreativEase™ Time Effects Plugins Pack

* This Pack is not included in the CyberLink and Magix versions of CreativEase.


StepMotion™ is a simple but powerful video effects plugin for image ghosting, trailing, and other time-delay video effects which are especially useful in high-motion footage. Unlike standard echo or ghosting video effects that simply combine frames from two or more instances during a clip, StepMotion can produce a more attractive, progressively-faded visual echo to motion in a scene. StepMotion allows you to:

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time effects example

Enjoy Independence. Independently control/vary the delay and intensity of the effect, from bold time-based echo effects to very soft time-based blur effects.

time effects example

Go Dark. Adjust StepMotion to only emphasize dark ghosting when desired for a unique effect.

time effects example

Look Dreamy. Slow down your clips and apply StepMotion to create terrific dream looks -- for special segments, wedding or religious videos, etc.

time effects example

Trail Titles/Graphics. Add beautiful dissolving motion trails to titles, logos, and graphics that are more attractive than standard echo effects.

time effects example

Emphasize Light. Independently emphasize light elements while not ghosting dark areas.

time effects example

Play with Motion. Use StepMotion to softly hint at, or slowly reveal/hide, moving objects within a scene.

StepMotion 2 Movie
To view a cool movie of this effect, click here.

Since all StepMotion controls are bezier keyframable, you can smoothly vary individual aspects of the effect during a clip, leading to wonderfully evolving imagery.

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