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The free upgrade requires a prior SpiceFX version to be already installed on your computer. The upgrade will not install otherwise.
If you have NOT previously purchased a qualifying SpiceFX plugin from us, please go here

To re-download a PRIOR purchase, click here


SpiceFX 6 Free Upgrade

For our regret we received reports for various problems with Movie Maker after recent Windows 10 updates. On many computers major updates remove or damage Movie Maker and on some it not works properly even after a re-install. We no longer see a way to guarantee compatibility with Windows 10 and decided to discontinue SpiceFX.

If you consider switching to another video editing software: Click Here to Buy SpiceFX Replacement

EXISTING SpiceFX Users get a FREE UPGRADE to SpiceFX 6 POWER Bundle.

Please click below to download the FREE SpiceFX 6 POWER Bundle Upgrade. First SAVE the installer file to your computer, such as on your desktop. Then double-click that downloaded SpiceFX6Upgrade... file to install. Note you can download it on a different computer, if necessary, then transfer the downloaded file with a USB key, CD-R, or other media onto your Movie Maker editing computer before double-clicking the file to install.

IMPORTANT: Are you using Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7,8 or 10? Before proceeding, please see our special instructions for installing SpiceFX in Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Download the FREE SpiceFX 6 POWER Bundle Upgrade for Movie Maker (~20.5 MB)

When you are done, visit our SpiceFX help page to see lots of help and tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or to contact us for technical support. Enjoy!