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CreativEase video effects price
CreativEase video effects price

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CreativEase is a video effects plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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Top Common Features in the CreativEase Video Effects Plugins

What's Unique in Each CreativEase Video Effects Plugin?

Click below to see unique features and cool example movies/images:

COLOR Effects Plugins Pack:  PosterWise • ChromaWarp 2

BLUR Effects Plugins Pack:  OrganiBlur • BlurPro

DEPTH Effects Plugins Pack:  RiseShine • FlowTexture 2

GRAIN Effects Plugins Pack:  GrainPlus 2 • Spatterflex

TIME Effects Plugins Pack:  StepMotion 2 • StepTime 2

EXTRAS Plugins Pack:  CleanCrop • 400 Extra Spices

What's In Virtually ALL CreativEase Plugins?

••• Incredibly EASY to Use. As mentioned above, there is NO steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike many other FX programs. Even novices can apply powerful custom effects within minutes of their first CreativEase use. Benefit: Happily focus on being creative!

••• Easy, Powerful BEZIER Keyframing. Provided per control instead of one keyframe profile for the entire effect. Benefit: Terrifically smooth acceleration/ deceleration of video effect qualities. Motion-track video effects to follow a moving subject, if desired. No wasted time fussing with difficult keyframing. Incredible visual dynamics during a clip. (Note: The AE version uses AE's equally powerful native keyframing.)

CreativEase video effects feature

••• The Compelling Power of SOFTNESS. Fully-adjustable softness is a simple but compelling treatment that our plugins specialize in. It's amazingly rare in most built-in video effects. Benefit: Be wonderfully subtle with an effect when desired.

CreativEase video effects feature   CreativEase video effects feature

No softness

  Wonderful softness

••• Industry-Unique Spices & MIXER. Easily set WHERE the effect will appear within a clip's image. Benefit: Complete creative control. Avoid rotoscoping or creating awkward separate matte files. Avoid uniform effect looks (selectively choosing where is WAY COOLER!). It's another way to be wonderfully subtle, or to create incredible cutting-edge looks that cannot be easily done by any other product on the planet.

CreativEase video effects feature   CreativEase video effects feature

Typical uniform effect -- not useful


Mixer -- a beautiful, useful effect

••• 100+ Undo/Redo's. CreativEase's undo/redo capability is deep and comprehensive. Benefit: Experiment freely!

••• 16-Bit Color Support. Benefit: In editing systems that offer 16-bit color support (such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Sony Vegas) CreativEase effects will support a higher level of color fidelity.

••• THOUSANDS of Pre-Made Effects. As described below. Benefit: THOUSANDS of USEFUL professional effects are instantly available, without having to learn CreativEase (even though it is easy to use).

CreativEase video effects feature
CreativEase video effects feature
Click this button in a CreativEase effect window to select a saved setting. Several subfolders are included, organized by style. Single-click any saved setting to quickly preview and compare it with others. Double-click your final choice.
Click a light-bulb button to choose a preset, instantly configuring A SECTION of CreativEase controls into a cool look, even while previewing. With a few clicks, easily combine presets into THOUSANDS of compelling effects! An industry-unique feature!

••• VISUALLY Compare & Choose Effects. Visually compare saved settings easily with a single click. Browse our visual Library to quickly compare and choose from related spice geometries, which preview side-by-side. As you adjust an effect, see all changes instantly/interactively in the preview. Benefit: Quick, easy, intuitive effects creation.

CreativEase video effects feature

••• Save & Recall FAVORITES. Save and instantly recall frequently used effects, organized by project, client, favorites, or any other category you desire. Benefit: Flexibly organize effects in the way that is meaningful to YOU.

••• GREAT Visual Help and Tutorials. As mentioned above, from within CreativEase you can instantly access comprehensive built-in help and visual tutorials for each plug-in. And yes, we mean visual. No dry, hard-to-decipher text files. View the help online here, too. Benefit: Accessibility, even for advanced techniques.

••• GREAT Tech Support. We strive to answer ALL tech support questions within a few hours, although during weekdays it is often within minutes. Your email questions will not go ignored. Tech support is unlimited for users. Access it here. Benefit: A great safety net for any issues or questions you may have.

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